Can you expedite production

Expedited Metal Card Production

For our manufacturing, we do everything in gang run batches in order to make this reasonably affordable and provide high quality production. Unfortunately, there isn't a way for us to highly expedite individual orders – we're actually one of the quickest in our industry with our standard turn time of 12-17 business days. It's the classic equation of time, cost, and quality and we can nail two out of three.

How can we make fast metal business cards?

The one way to speed it up, is each process adds time – so if we did .5mm matte silver cards with etching only, that would be the absolute fastest, but would still be about 2 weeks for us to make them. Each process from plating to printed colors adds time to complete, as a lot of our processes are hand done in one fashion or another, as well as ensuring quality control checks after each step. This way we can provide the highest quality at the best price for your metal cards project.

Tips for faster and rush metal cards

One factor we run into often, is projects that require more cards down the line generally won't take much difference in us doing the full order at once – if you know you'll need more of the same cards, a lot of times we can "get ahead" of deadlines by doing an order for the total quantity needed, rather than a smaller run now and another in the future. For example, instead of doing 250 now, 500 would take about the same time in production and then you've got the full amount needed.

Expedited Shipping Options

We always offer 2-day Air and Overnight shipping at our bare minimum rates, the first step to expediting a project is to let us know you need it as quickly as possible and to select a faster method of shipping to ensure we can get it to you as quickly as possible. To get the fastest service possible, select "1 Day Overnight + Rush" in the shipping options of our cart when placing your order.