Can you make just One Metal Card?

We find the entire success of our product is that people hold onto these forever – we get calls all the time of people that held onto a card for years.

Our manufacturing process requires screens and plates setup on a running production line, so while it isn't the easiest process, we can make production samples for your order.

When it comes to production samples or making just a couple cards, this is a difficult process due to the costs and setup involved in our manufacturing process. While we don't charge extra any setup costs, we do typically require a minimum order quantity to cover these costs. With our production, unfortunately it’s not possible for us to make one metal card – the process is not "digital" as they can do in paper printing – We have to make plates and screens that are one-time-use, along with usual setup and production costs of running the line (such as calibrating alignment), so the cost of making 5qty to a 50qty short run is negligible. If you’re looking to make a large order, we recommend ordering 50qty, our "short run" minimum, as samples for a better cost break. That will be your best cost to benefit ratio, and why we offer the low run of 50qty to our customers.

If you need a sample run of your project prior to ordering, we can usually produce 4-5 samples of your card for a flat fee of $200.

This covers the cost of production, where the order will run on the same line and take the same 12-17 business days to complete (or otherwise advised current production timeline) – and if the same cards are ordered for mass production (over $500) we will credit $100 to your order. If you place an order over $1000 for these cards within 60 days . While we can produce cards with custom data (name, date, etc) via variable printing, our minimum order is 50qty for specialty processes.

Looking for samples instead? We offer free samples of cards we have made here: