Gunmetal Black vs Brushed Black

Brushed Black vs. Gunmetal Black

Which is darker? How do they compare?

Between "Brushed Black" and "Gunmetal Black" the finish options can get confusing, but it doesn't have to be! You may see on our site, both references, or even competitors talking about one being superior.


In the Gunmetal Black Metal Card World, you simply have terms for the same finish! We don't have a unique chemical composition, it's just two terms for the same look.

Which is darker, Brushed or Gunmetal?

The difference you may see, is that some pictures or cards will look very dark, with minimal brushstrokes. While other cards may seem very brushed, which can lead to the confusion between Brushed Black Metal Cards and Gunmetal Black Metal Cards.

This happens when we apply the finish, brushing black metal cards comes out slightly different every time! We don't have any control over this from batch to batch, but they always come out looking impressive!

The reality is, these are the same finishes!