Unique QR Codes Per Card Variable Printed

Can we print a unique QR code on each metal card?

Yes we can! For this type of project, it's a bit more setup than our standard "variable printing" so the cost for this is $1/pc per side. 

How to setup for variable QR code print production:

When you're ready to order variably printed QR codes with your project, reach out to our support team for a custom quote so we can assist with pricing your order. We will need the QR codes generated in 100% vector format, most QR generators will natively output an SVG file – be sure if you use an inner icon or logo that it is also vector (we cannot use embedded bitmap files such as png, jpg, gif, etc.). Lastly, create an Excel/CSV file that contains the order of the QR code file names. Send us all files in a zip archive on the order page within our cart, or via email.