Cards with NFC (near-field communication) capability

Do you make cards with NFC (near-field communication) capability?

Unfortunately at this time we do not make cards with NFC. 

Why Not?

With any of today's credit cards, as far as we've seen, they're not completely made of metal. In order to insert EMV and NFC chips, they are made with a sandwich process of a sheet of metal, and plastic, with the chips embedded between the two. We only make cards out of stainless steel, and do not do plastic or sandwich processes. An NFC chip would have to be either on the surface exposed (not recommended) or we'd have to place a sticker over the chip. We've tried this, and while it works, metal blocks the reception and stickers don't last, so it's an unideal solution. Hopefully this information helps you in your pursuit for NFC cards, and keep in mind our recommendations as some places use the sticker method. We would highly advise you test samples from other vendors using this process to make the best decisions for your project!