How to Print with Color Matching (PMS) on Metal Cards

If you're looking to do color matching, we can match within closely with a Pantone Matching System.

When you use a printed book that has the exact colors printed, we can both reference them. You can call a number like PMS 185 a nice Red.

Pantone Matching Color Printed Metal Cards

PMS colors are found by looking in a Pantone® Formula Guide. You can buy the Formula Guide Here.

Pantone Formula Guide for Metal Cards

The Pantone Formula Guide is a worthy investment if you work in graphic design, have projects printed, or work in any realm of business where color may be important – A book will last you years. 

PMS Pantone Matching System Metal Cards


Please note: We are printing on metal and thus cannot achieve 100% match from paper due to a tinted surface. Our margin is a 96%+ match, as some colors just aren't achievable. An example would be very bright colors on black cards due to the very dark surface.