Can you produce membership cards individually as needed?

We call this individual fulfillment. 

Many times, a business will want to run a membership program that they add members daily or weekly, and customize the cards with the name, number, date, etc, as needed as they gain members. We however, focus on mass production at a great price – while our minimum is 50qty, this is a start to finish run created from scratch, with standard turn time. We can absolutely customize cards with our variable laser etching or printing, so adding names from a spreadsheet isn't a problem – we simply do not warehouse customer cards and do them in smaller individualized batches as needed. If it works for your program to order 50+ at a time, and simply tell your customer that their card will come in the next order, that is one option for your membership program.

We do not warehouse customer cards or do individual fulfillment.

This is a common question, and we simply don't do individual fulfillment of membership programs. However, the best option that we can facilitate, is producing your "template" cards for customization by a local vendor. We can give you a great price on a larger quantity, so you get the best cost per card – say you are adding 5 members a week. That's 500 cards every ~3 months – which a 500 card order is a great price break for us to produce. If you already have a couple hundred members, we can do the variable printing for existing members so you're caught up, and ship the remaining "blanks" without customized name, date, etc. We have many customers that then find a local laser etcher, often a trophy shop or small promo products shop, that can do the additional customization of member names as needed.

What other options would work for a membership program?

Often, doing individual cards in laser engraving can be a bit costly – it's best to ask about doing them in batches, as the setup involved is easier pricing for a laser etcher with 5-10 cards rather than 1 at a time. However, the most cost effective way to do a membership program is to omit the individuals personalization. Rather than include a member name, we often will use membership numbers. This way, you can assign the number to the customer, and we can even include a credit card mag stripe that you can program with your POS (point of sale) to include all of the members details – or if you don't have a POS, you can just keep a spreadsheet of the numbers to the assigned name. Many times, our pricing is so good for the mag strip that customers will include it before they have their programming setup – the members feel like they have a very custom card, with their member number, but we saved your time and cost by omitting their personal details so you can produce in bulk and not sweat the individual fulfillment.